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 Ratrus :) -Rejected

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PostSubject: Ratrus :) -Rejected   Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:48 am

Greetings Insane.

My real name is Mirza im from Sweden i live in a little town called Ljungby its near Göteborg. Im 16 years old (maby not mature enough). Im a Elite knight i reached 100 today . I started playing tibia in 7.4 , i have played in many worlds like Nova, Astera , Celesta , Antica .I have manny hobbies i like to watch on movies all kind of sorts, i love to play games with my friends especially tibia to quest together and hunt mobs together . I mostly spend my time on the computer and taking levels on my character. I can sacrifise much on tibia and i dont really care if i die . My rl friends in refugia are Fru Apa , Ralts , Moonlight Amber, and ofc Georg Den Andre. Why i want to join Insane: I want a good guild who has Services and are kind ,helpfull to echoder. Monster wich i prefer to hunt:Dragon Lords, becaous of the loot, Frost Dragons, also loot, and ofc all the monsters in Magican Quarter in Yalahar.I love to help ppl thath stands near me or are in my guild and ofcourse ,Im a honest player and.. yeah thas all of it Smile

Thank you all for spending time for reading this boring AnnouncemenxD , and of course i hope thath i can join.

See you all in tibia . HAIL REFGUIA

Happy wishes Ratrus:D
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Master Dysan

Master Dysan

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PostSubject: Re: Ratrus :) -Rejected   Thu Jan 29, 2009 2:50 am

I am sorry to say, but you will not even get a voting. Reason for this are your young age and your level does not match with the required level for elite knights. However, you might try applying some other time.
Good luck in Tibia and thanks for applying!
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Ratrus :) -Rejected
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