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 What is a blacklist?

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What is a blacklist? Empty
PostSubject: What is a blacklist?   What is a blacklist? EmptyWed Oct 15, 2008 3:11 pm

Blacklist is a list of players who have done something bad to us, you'll find more informations about that later in the post.
Being on our blacklist surely isn't a good thing. It means that we will NOT trade with such a player or take him on hunts. Furthermore it may even happen that when we meet such a person on a hunt we will destroy his hunt. We do NOT take people who are on our blacklist on ANY quest services.

There are some more and less significant reasons for which you may appear on our blacklist. I will only list the more significant reasons.

- stealing from/scamming our member/s

- ruining or even attempting to ruin a hunt of our member/s (same applies to quests and quest services by our guild)

- spreading lies about us (accusing one of our members of doing/done something he is not/hasn't doing/done

- hacking or attempting to hack one of our members

- killing or attempting to kill one of our members

Once you are on our blacklist it's not that easy to get off of it again. To get off of it you have to prove that you really changed, apologise on the Refugian board which can be found on tibia.com and pay a fine depending on what you have done to us.
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What is a blacklist?
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