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 Constitution & Rules

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Constitution & Rules Empty
PostSubject: Constitution & Rules   Constitution & Rules EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:23 pm

Hey guys!

Every community needs a clear hierarchy/structure and behavioral guidelines, as anarchy might work for a month or two, but after a certain period of time anarchy would destroy itself and the community living in it and therefore here are OUR rules.


I - Guild

#1 - "United we stand" - We are under obligation of helping eachother if only possible and working for the commonwealth.

#2 - Each member reprents the guild and therefore should be a role-model not only to own guildmembers, but also to the whole Tibian community.

#3 - On official guildhunts guildmembers are obligated to use the official guild colours.

#4 - Every member is free to do anything he wants, as long as he doesn't break any article of the Constitution

II - Law

#1 - In the eyes of law every player is equal.

#2 - Breaking any article of the Constitution should be punished

#3 - Every accused member, no matter by whom has the right to a fair judgement

#4 - Everyone is guiltless as long as the guilt is not proven


Now let's come to the RULES!

1) Behaviour

a.) We do NOT insult eachother
b.) We do NOT insult people outside the guild
c.) We do NOT enter other's spawns
d.) We do NOT steal
e.) We are obligated to be friendly to eachother and people outside the guild

2) Cheating and sharing

a.) We do NOT accept account sharing
b.) We do NOT accept any kind of cavebotting
c.) We do NOT accept multi-clienting
d.) We do NOT accept hacking

3.) Activity

a.) We are under obligation to have the guildchannel opened at anytime
b.) We are under obligation to check the forum at least once every two days
c.) We are under obligation to inform the guild in case of being offline for longer periods of time

Keep in mind that breaking the rules might lead to a punishment or even excluding from the guild.
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Constitution & Rules
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